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My Pandora Stations:
      Back Country Funk
       A tasty mix of country, rock, and blues, combined
       with home-cooking and moonshine, lazy days
       at the old fishin' hole, and nights in smoky bars
       listening to fiddle music and electric guitar.

       A station for anyone who's from the backwoods,
       or occasionally wishes they were...

      Wide Wide Awake
       This station is all about music that's contains
       serious energy. I'm not talking heavy metal
       energy--that's different--but energy that comes
       from speed and uncomplicated intensity and driving
       force. Seeds include Green Day, Live, Blink 182,
       and The Ataris.

       This is music to listen to when you procrastinated
       for way too long and you have three hours of work
       to get done in an hour. Have some caffiene while
       you're at it.

      Just Breathe
       This station is mostly very mellow music;
       lots of slow, relaxed vocals and songs that
       are emotional and from the heart without
       being angsty whinefests. Seeds include Shawn
       Mullins, Michelle Branch, Stephen Ashbrooke,
       and Sarah McLachlan.

       This is music to listen to while watching
       the snow drift down outside your window, and
       drinking a warm mug of hot chocolate, and
       thinking about that guys and girls you knew
       in high school, and how cool it is that your
       life is as fun now as it was then.

      Feel Good Rock
       This station started with a base of mostly older
       (70s-80s) rock that's not very hard or very metal.
       Seeds included The Eagles, Journey, and Tom Petty.
       I am open to adding newer artists to this station,
       and have done so, so long as the music has that
       same sort of feel-good vibe to it.

       This is music to listen to while watching a sunset
       and drinking a cold beer, or driving a vintage
       convertable down a lonely desert road and enjoying
       the warm breeze on your skin.


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