pjw3dm2_IUctf - Cellular Rage (IU CTF version)

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CREATED: 12/19/04

DESCRIPTION: A large CTF map for Quake 3. The original was pretty expansive and pretty tall, and this remake for the Insta-Unlagged mod is even bigger, and provides great sport for sniper-types who love their railguns. The original map was my first attempt at a large venue suitable for serious Team action, and the size and openness of that attempt lent itself very well to a big CTF conversion. There are a few custom shaders (e.g. the afterbirth-ish slime, the glass tubes full o' scum, the Q3A wall hanging, the water), and I did a bunch of work with hint brushes to try and keep the r_speeds relatively low, and a huge amount of work with clusterportal brushes to optimize bot navigation as much as I possibly could. You may still notice some framerate stuttering at times with a bunch of bots loaded up, as they simply aren't at their best when trying to navigate around a huge, open, complicated area.

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