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CREATED: 1/18/04

DESCRIPTION: This map began as an attempt to create pjw3tourney4, but fought me every step of the way, through several alpha/layout tests and three beta releases to be something more than just a tourney map. I finally gave in. It ended up as a medium-sized FFA/TDM map, although it can still be played as tourney, and can also be played as CTF, thanks to the request of a somewhat crazed beta-tester. I used the "gametype" key to provide significantly different weapon and item layouts for all four gametypes.

This map is an attempt to create a Quake 3 environment that feels nothing like Quake 3, and has a very urban, gritty vibe to it. As always, I recommend playing this map with CPMA for added spice, although it plays quite well in vanilla Quake 3.

Truly, intimidatingly huge thanks to ydnar, for most of the textures used in the level, in addition to some shader work, the portal sky, excellent suggestions,and overall support and encouragement. Thanks man, I owe you a few now. Additional thanks to Jezebel for the crates, AtriaLenkki for the lamp and chains, Elfinko for the ceiling light, The5thHorseman for the steam, Kell for the moss, QkennyQ for the beer, and Mr.LyCon AKA Con Artist for the recreations of the id fire barrels.

WEAPON/ITEM LOAD: The weapon and item load on this one varies pretty widely depending on which gametype you're playing, so I won't try to list all the various configurations--let's just say "enough".

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