pjw3quickie2 - Kao Phat Chance

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CREATED: 5/29/01

DESCRIPTION: Another small Q3 map. This is the second in my "quickie" series--maps that are created from scratch in one sitting at Radient, and then polished for a few more hours after getting some beta feedback. This one took about 13 hours or so, altogether. Big thanks go out to The Mighty Pete for the great skybox; it adds a ton of atmosphere to the map. This is also my first space map, and considering it was made by someone who's usually not all too fond of spacemaps, I think it came out pretty well. The map does include the Quad, but I think it's difficult enough to get that it won't unduly influence a tourney match. Let me know what you think!

WEAPON/ITEM LOAD: Railgun, Plasma Gun, Rocket Launcher, Mega Health, Red Armor, 2 +50s, 2 +25s, 6 shards, and 2 of each ammo (including MG). Quad.

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