pjw3quickie3 - Bone Chips and Dip

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CREATED: 7/27/02

DESCRIPTION: This one's a little experimental, but in a fun flying-through-the-air-laughing-maniacally kind of way. This is the third in my "quickie" series--maps that are created from scratch in one sitting at Radiant, and then polished up and released after getting beta feedback. This one took, probably, 16 hours or so (although it sat on my HD a couple of months in between beta and final).

The map is basically one gigantic slick bowl, with strategically placed items and jumppads to keep the action moving (and a hallway around the outside + a rooftop area for breathers). Playing this map effectively relies on movement skills, air control, and anticipation of your opponent(s).

Disclaimer: Note that some of the slick surfaces occasionally become decidedly non-slick, and you might get stuck for a bit on some edges. This is because the Q3 engine is not really designed for this sort of tomfoolery, and making a map like this is akin to entering a dachshund in a dog race--it's fun to watch, but don't expect normality. Also the bots suck ass even more than usual since they don't know air control from Afganistan.

Despite all that, I think it's quite enjoyable to play with human beings, or to just flail around in to test out your movement skills. It's not intended as any sort of serious competition map, but if you're looking for something that's different, crazy, and a hell of a lot of fun, I think this will fit the bill. Let me know what you think!

WEAPON/ITEM LOAD: Railgun, Plasma Gun, Rocket Launcher, Shotgun, Lightning Gun, BFG, Mega Health, Red Armor, Environment Suit, Quad, Haste, 2 of each ammo. Extra special bonus healing pool action.

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