pjw3quickie4 - The Small Place

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CREATED: 2/24/04

DESCRIPTION: This map is the fourth in my "quickie" series--maps made in very little time--this one took about 16-20 hours spread out over a few nights. They're basically used as an exercise in spontaneity to loosen up the mental muscles a bit (or clean the mental pipes of crap, whichever image you prefer).

It began with me wondering, "Gee, I wonder how small of a map I can make that would still have good gameplay?" As always, I recommend playing this map with CPMA, although it plays fine in vanilla Quake 3.

Most of the great textures in this map are courtesy of Rorshach. The outstanding skybox is courtesy of Jaj, and the crate textures are courtesy of Karloff (karl.off@berlin.de). As always, thanks to ydnar for endless effort to advance the state-of-the-art of Q3-engine compiling. Thanks guys!!

WEAPON/ITEM LOAD: This map contains Grenade Launcher, Rocket Launcher, Shotgun, BFG, two Combat Armors, and one Jacket Armor (CPMA).

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