pjw3tourney4 - Cremaster Conditioning

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CREATED: 09/09/04

This map has been floating around on my hard drive for a while, and I wanted to get it finished up before I said "so long" to Q3. It plays equally well in FFA or Tourney, and both versions of the level have distinctive item/weapon loads. The tourney version of the map is lacking the Railgun, since it is a very open and expansive level, and I wanted competitive gameplay to not revolve entirely around long-range sniping. I put a lot of thought into movement on this map, and there are a number of not-so-obvious shortcuts and tricky ways to get from here to there. As always, I recommend playing this map with CPMA, although it plays fine in vanilla Quake 3.

The cool skies in this level is a variation of one created by ydnar and Hipshot. Hipshot gets credit for the cool textures (except for the second sky stage, which is ydnar's). The textures were modified slightly, but texture creation is not my forte, and the map is much cooler than it would have been otherwise.

In addition, the level features custom textures from Evil Lair, and a nice ceiling light from Finko. I got the ceiling light, and the cool waterfall featured in the map from FPS Mapmodels, but the waterfall was missing the shader. The waterfall model is courtesy of Rungy, and I can't seem to find a site or email anywhere. :( Thanks anyway Rungy!

I found the shader and sound for the waterfall in one of RKone's cool maps, where he credits the sound to Death2UAll . . . and I can't seem to locate a site for those two gentlemen either. If anyone can enlighten me, I'll be happy to update this page.

WEAPON/ITEM LOAD: Lightning Gun, Shotgun, Plasma Gun, Grenade Launcher, Rocket Launcher (x2), Railgun (in FFA only), Body Armor, Combat Armor (x2 in FFA), Jacket Armor (in CPMA), Megahealth (in FFA only), Quad (in FFA only), and various health, ammo, and shards.

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