pjwdm3 - If You Can't Beat Them (Arrange to Have Them Beaten)

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CREATED: 7/28/99

DESCRIPTION: I got a little experimental with this one. Slime, lava, water, and some high-flyer action. Some great places to camp and be sneaky, and some rewards for the person with the skillz. You shouldn't have problems running out of guns and ammo . . .

WEAPON/ITEM LOAD: SS, GL, RG, HB, BFG, 2 MG, 2 CG, 2 RL, 2 jacket armors, combat armor, body armor, Mega, Adren, Pack, 2 Bandoliers, Power Screen, Quad. As Elmer Fudd would say, "Lotsa buwwits."

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